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Nick Pannet

Shop Owner

Nick has seen lots of Chiropractors and Osteopaths in the past and says "Richard offered a better service, he not only helped with the head aches and back pain but also gave great advice and exercises for the long term making sure that I am continually getting better."

"Richard is a wonderful chap, I went to see him for pain with headaches and lower back due to hips being out of alignment, making my shoulders drop leading to headaches, Richard helped with this. Overtime the headaches repeat and I will go for a couple of visits and that will enable me to get on with life until the next visit"

"I think that Richard and I could become great beer buddies!"



Georgie Fox Smith

Dental Practice Manager

Initially went in for a rib injury, but had a riding accident some years ago which ended up having a crushed vertebrae leading to hideous headaches. "Richard has given me back my life as the headaches are gone with the treatments received."

"I go for a treatment and they are gone - this has enabled me to get on with work and day to day life, the clinic is relaxed and has a friendly atmosphere."

"Richard has made an amazing difference he is excellent and I cannot put into words apart from that he is god in my house. He also sees my husband now for back problems."

"I could live without my husband as I could get a takeaway (as he cooks) but I could not live without Richard."



Carol Marie


"Richard is very good at what he does, he is approachable, warm hearted and a good all round osteopath."

"I went to see him as a referred patient to reduce the pain whilst I was pregnant. he has enabled my body to adjust to pregnancy and also to be pain free, which is a great relief."


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