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At Hove Osteopathic Clinic we believe that too many people live with pain that do not have to, as most problems can be easily solved. Our goal is to relieve your pain and get you on the move to enjoy the fullness of life again.  


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The clinic was founded over 20 years ago and for the last 10 years ago has been owned by Richard Skudder. Richard, along with the rest of the growing team of structural and cranial osteopaths is dedicated to providing the best in osteopathic care, putting patients first and working with you to help you heal.

Sussex Osteopathic Clinics

Hove Osteopathic Clinic is part of Sussex Osteopathic Clinics. We offer specialist Osteopathic Care and Physical Therapy. Here are some further links on some of the conditions we work with and some resources to help you on your recovery.

Mums, Bumps and Baby Osteopathic clinic           Headache and neurological conditions          Sports Clinic          Chronic Fatigue          Sciatica and Back pain         Elderly care and Arthritis

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Professional Acreditors

The General Osteopathic Council, Institute of Osteopathy, British Acupuncture Society, Nike Performance Specialists, Sutherland Cranial Association.

We are approved by all major medical insurers, BUPA, AXA PPP, MEDISURE, HSA, WPA.





Hove Osteopathy

233 New Church Road BN3 4EE 01273 208410

Hove Osteopathic Clinic

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